Monday, December 27, 2010

My Review

I just had to try Dirt Devil Sweeper

By Kargreen from Las Vegas, NV on 12/27/2010


2out of 5

I use the sweeper to sweep my bare floors.

It was easy to assemble, the battery had to be charged for 24 hours the first time which is ok, I am still using it since I received the shipment(about a week)

I like the way that the "Swivel Sweeper" handles, maneuvering with the "Swivel Handle", I also like the easy way to empty contents.

I have used other sweepers before so in comparison,I found it was not as powerful as I had expected it to be and does not have the ability to clean up close to a wall as the other brand. It is ok for the rest of the floor and I even tried it on carpet, to find it will sweep up crumbs and debris, but because it is designed for bare floor it does slow the power down.

My Dirt Devil


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