Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Americas Sweet Tooth

America has sweet tooth, sometimes it an addiction or just an occasional craving from chocolate, cookies, drinks, pastries, mixtures of salt and sweet and what ever makes a party in your mouth.
And with every holiday that is celebrated, the candy companies take advantage and create their candy to celebrate, starts with Valentines, then theres Easter, and even the 4th gets into it, then we go to Halloween, then Christmas, or theres plain ole anytime. 

My all time favorite I will grab when having a sweet craving is cookies, preferably homemade choc chip, but if I'm not in the mood to bake, I will go for Chips-A- Hoy. Then there are the gooey pastries, 
I love a good apple danish heated with a little butter, with a glass of milk. 

Oh! I almost forgot brownies and I have the best recipe, I will share in a coming post. Has 6 eggs....

Now, I dont allow myself to indulge in all these things very often, but when I get the occasional craving I treat myself. So do you have cravings and what would they be? And do you think apple pie is Americas favorite?

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