Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Primula® Flavor It™ Beverage System

Primula® Flavor It™ Beverage System

The Primula® Flavor It™ Beverage System is very unique, a 3 in 1 pitcher system that can be used both to infuse and to make fruit juice. It can be used to chill beverages without using ice to dilute your beverage. 

How this works: There are 3 inserts that come with the pitcher, each has a different functions, one is a tea infuser, a flavor basket and a freezable core. 

The pitcher is dishwasher safe made of BP- free Tritan which is scratch resistant, shatter proof and is also heat resistant. You can actually pour boiling water into the pitcher and it wont warp or go out of shape.

You can use the pitcher to brew teas and you can use regular tea bags either single serve or a full pitcher. And here is the best part, as soon as your tea is brewed you can use the frozen Chill Core to cool down your tea. The chill core has 2 parts that can be taken apart and can be put into the freezer, can be used in both cold drink or hot without worry about the gel staying sealed.

Here's an idea to cool down the tea, try frozen fruit in the infuser, it allows you to add things like fruit, herbs and spices to flavor and enhance your beverage. The flavor infuser has holes all up and down it to easily infuse your drinks. An idea is to use whole strawberries, lemons, fresh mint. The infuser keep the fruit from breaking up and getting into your drink.

There are so many ways the infuser can be used, mulling spices for hot drinks the possibilities are only limited by your creative imagination.

Cleanup is easy, wont stain, or discolor, all parts are made of polymer material and all parts are dishwasher safe.

Flavor Infuser - Fill with fruits, herbs, spices
Stainless Steel Tea Infuser - Designed for loose tea, coffee either hot of cold
Chill Core - filled with a non-toxic gel and is better than ice as it wont dilute your drinks

The Beverage System would be great for entertaining year round for family and friends

You can find the "Primula Flavor It" online and in stores which retails for about $35.00
Primula Website  They also offer gifts and tea sets, tea bag buddies, flowering teas, coffee press, glass kettles, glasses, cups and mugs and many more.


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