Sunday, January 6, 2013

When I look at the sea, I…

When I look at the sea I have an overwhelming feeling of calmness, one of the powers of the universe in front of me it is so amazing how the ocean is full of life we don't see. Can you imagine if you could just walk into the sea and walk among the creatures?  You could let your mind wander to see how the life under the sea lives and functions, much different than on land. 

We do see through the eyes of  a camera in photos, magazines and TV but to just experience it by walking the floor of the sea would be amazing to me.............. I love to watch editorials on National Geographic's when they have shows about all the living creatures in the ocean, some are so fascinating one being 
the reef and how they provide a safe haven 
for small creatures to nurture their babies, eat and thrive.  

Then there is the new life that is being born we don’t even yet know about, science cannot keep up with. We dont have that on land, it only happens in the sea........ So when I look at the sea it opens a whole new world for me, how about you?

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