Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coveralls Are Crucial

Coveralls Are Crucial

There are many industries whose employees must be kept safe with the use of coveralls that will help protect them. Those people include ones who work with chemicals, hazardous particles, dust, grime, aerosols, water-based liquid chemicals, pesticides spraying, fiberglass, liquid splashes, sandblasting, spray painting, non-hazardous messy jobs, manufacturing, industrial, food service, medical, clean room and service company technicians who need to look clean and professional at all times.

Premium disposable protective clothing comes in a variety of styles, materials and sizes and is manufactured from soft fabrics that have tear resistance, excellent tensile strength, and are anti-static. The strong and yet lightweight material breathes, making your employees comfortable all day long. Coveralls with open sleeves slip on easily, and open legs allow coveralls to be put on over footwear. Also available are styles with optional elastic wrists, ankles, boots and hoods.

Microporous coveralls: These breathable, waterproof and windproof coveralls are sewn from polypropylene coated with a microporous polyethelene film. They breathe to keep a worker cool, but they keep liquids from getting on the skin.

Polypropylene-laminated coveralls provide lightweight and breathable protection against non hazardous light sprays and splashes. If extra protection is needed, an elastic wrist and ankles and an attached hood keep dirt and debris out. A full length zipper front allows for easy donning.

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