Monday, December 14, 2015

Dressing In a Saree

Social Media Largely Responsible for Saree Surge As a greater number of female professionals in India work for international companies, Western dress has become the norm. However, recent trends have awakened a greater interest in the traditional saree, also known as a sari. Social media has played a leading role in encouraging women to wear these traditional gowns.

 How Are Sarees Styled? One of the things that has given sarees an enduring place in fashion is the fact they are one of history's oldest garments. Women have worn them from around 2800 BC, and their length and breadth make them more versatile than many fitted garments. Besides India, sarees are also common garments in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Versatility in the Workplace Saree online shopping options quickly reveal that sarees are very adaptable for work and social occasions. Some of the best saree options that are available for workplace use are designed to be worn with blazers and other Western clothing. Because of the versatility of this garment, women can choose from everyday and formal options that suit their tastes.

 A Traditional Favorite It is not uncommon for many Indian women to wear the saree out of tradition or respect for family members with more traditional taste in clothing. Some companies that wish to promote a more traditional image will encourage or require their female employees to wear sarees. Others may wear Western clothes most of the time, but wear a saree during family gatherings to show respect for their customs. Festival Favorites Many women who usually wear Western clothing will wear a saree during festivals and other events out of respect for their culture and as a symbol of pride. Indian expats who live in countries that favor Western dress mostly often like to wear saris as formal wear. Recent flash mob activities have given women the chance to show off the versatility of these garments by dancing to popular music from Bollywood movies.

 Social Media Campaigns' Importance Because the saree is so important to many Indian women, social media campaigns that encourage its use are popular. Many women have taken selfies of themselves wearing sarees while working or going about daily activities. Others have shared stories or even taken part in art projects that demonstrate the beauty of saree fabric. The saree is here to stay, and will continue to grow in popularity as a symbol of Indian pride.

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