Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coveralls Are Crucial

Coveralls Are Crucial

There are many industries whose employees must be kept safe with the use of coveralls that will help protect them. Those people include ones who work with chemicals, hazardous particles, dust, grime, aerosols, water-based liquid chemicals, pesticides spraying, fiberglass, liquid splashes, sandblasting, spray painting, non-hazardous messy jobs, manufacturing, industrial, food service, medical, clean room and service company technicians who need to look clean and professional at all times.

Premium disposable protective clothing comes in a variety of styles, materials and sizes and is manufactured from soft fabrics that have tear resistance, excellent tensile strength, and are anti-static. The strong and yet lightweight material breathes, making your employees comfortable all day long. Coveralls with open sleeves slip on easily, and open legs allow coveralls to be put on over footwear. Also available are styles with optional elastic wrists, ankles, boots and hoods.

Microporous coveralls: These breathable, waterproof and windproof coveralls are sewn from polypropylene coated with a microporous polyethelene film. They breathe to keep a worker cool, but they keep liquids from getting on the skin.

Polypropylene-laminated coveralls provide lightweight and breathable protection against non hazardous light sprays and splashes. If extra protection is needed, an elastic wrist and ankles and an attached hood keep dirt and debris out. A full length zipper front allows for easy donning.

Order coveralls or ask for suggestions to decide on the perfect answer for your business by contacting us and visiting our website.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mondays Reflection

Mondays Reflection

Mondays ReflectionWe have a new look I added a new banner and changed the background as part of my
To-Do list. What do you think of the new look?
Each week I have opened Mondays Reflection, this week I would like to reflect on the bloggers that have participated in some past linkies. Today Feature Debbie-Dabble
Its Me, Karren~ Your Host This week Please Follow Me :)

Its Me, Karren~ Your Host
So what would you like to share today, did you make something you would like to share, write a tutorial, have some blogging tips, your welcome to share several posts.  
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekends Are Fun Blog Hop

Weekends-Are-For-Fun Blog Hop

Weekends Are Fun is a blog hop for many different kinds of posts, whether you have just made something, written a tutorial, have a recipe to share, flowers, garden ideas, inspiration, well you get the idea. I would love for you to share your blog, and do me a favor and share this hop. Last week we had 47 participants and I would like to increase that with more blogs visiting to share their blogs, I want this to build, so as everyone knows sharing is an important of getting the word out.

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NEW to “Weekends Are Fun” is my way of giving back by featuring new friends, to share a little about them, so here we go!!

                            Musings of a Vintage JunkieMy Photo

                                Tree FacesCastle

Ann Marie aka Nana (pronounced NahNah) is married, has 2 married daughters and a teenage son a Mancoon cat named Miss Kitty and 2 granddaughters.  She considers herself passionate about vintage junk and Nah Nah things. And as you can see from the photos loves to garden with flare.  You can meet her and read more at Musings of a Vintage Junkie

          Flour On My Face

Pink Moscato Sangria recipe, Pink Moscato, Moscato Sangria, Fruity Sangria, Easy Sangria Recipe, Gallo Moscato Wines

 Arlene Mobley author of  I am a  food blogger social media loverfood photographer, recipe developer, mom and grandmother who loves all things food and is Pinterest obsessed these days. Recently discovered she like wine after sampling different varieties as she talks about in her post from last Weekends Are Fun linky. You can meet her and find her delicious recipes at Flour On My Face

Just a few Rules: Link up your blog and leave me a comment I will return the favor.

 Some questions to ponder– If God sneezed, what would you say to him?

How do you feel about something “new” and “improved”?

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Weekends Are Fun Blog Hop

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Blogger Opp Coach Purse Event

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