Monday, September 6, 2010

Leah Live your life... make me proud!

Leah Ovidia

Leah Ovedia Live your life... make me proud!

"Investing in Women" is a place for Empowering Women through education and appreciation. The goal of this site is to invest in Women around the world from big cities to remote communities. We encourage collaboration between business owners across borders and oceans.

Our main goal of Invest In Women will be to give information and access to resources and issues concerning women today. We also have a micro grant program for women business owners and businesses(woman or man owned) that support women in business.

By investing in women, who are often the caregivers of the home, we can show children that both women and men can provide for the family in a financial manner.

Investing In Women was created by Leah Oviedo, a successful business owner in Encinitas, CA. She has a background in marketing and website design. Coming from a family of successful women business owners she wanted to give back and support other women business owners.

IIW started in the spring of 2008 with a few pages of business resources and a blog celebrating women.

Realizing that she could accomplish more by collaborating with other business owners, Leah opened the official website in February of 2009. Since then visitors to the site have increased every month, the blog has become more popular and a monthly newsletter was received by over 200 women and men the first month.

Over 100 business owners have submitted valuable resources and articles to create a rich resource of business tools and advice for other small business owners.

We encourage you to share this website with your network. As more people learn about Investing In Women, we will be able to offer several micro-grants each year to deserving business owners.

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