Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Elf On The Shelf"⇝

Ok on my last post I talked about miniatures, well "Elf on The Shelf" comes as close to miniature as I know. He is such a cute little dud and the story makes me giddy, like a little girl when I watch the videos and visit the website I will share. You can actually visit the site and register to adopt an elf and begin your scrap book and share your stories. I have enjoyed seeing the Elves on Pinterest, oh my gosh they are so cute how people position them and see them in different scenario's, here are a few:
Eating all the Candy 
Mischief Elf Toilet papering the Tree
Cutting Up The Coloring Book 

Caught Making a Snowman In Freezer

Elf On The Shelf 

⇝ Elf On The Shelf Adoption

⇝ "The Elf On The Shelf Video"

Here's even a  ⇝ Elf On The Shelf Tutorial how to make your own
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