Monday, February 27, 2012

Coupon Savings

I have seen many coupon sites, they offer all kinds of coupons,but I as I was receiving comments from those that have been singing up for a chance to "Win A Bundle" of coupons I was told about a website called Coupon Moms, it not only has coupons you can print and what I was thrilled with is, there is a tool you use to find coupons you need in particular, save them and then print. But another part is that you can find ads in your locality and match them to ads from your local newspaper. How easy is that?

So check out Coupon Moms sign up for free and look for savings.
Coupon Moms

On another note have you ever looked for coupons and could not find. I am starting to share a list of companies that you can contact either by email or using 800 numbers to ask for coupons to be sent to you. Here are 18 to get you started:

o try it and ask them if there are coupons available.
  1. Capri Sun
  2. Juicy Juice
  3. Roman Meal Bread
  4. Best Life Spread
  5. Breyers
  6. Tyson
  7. Otis Spunkmeyer
  8. Land O Lakes (click “other questions or comments”
  9. Breakstones
  10. Tostitos
  11. Butterball
  12. Frenchs
  13. Hidden Valley
  14. Ragu
  15. Sabra
  16. Fleishmann’s Yeast
  17. Domino Sugar
  18. Skippy
Next How To Keep Track Of Who You Have Contacted, A Form To Use.
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