Monday, March 12, 2012

Crush The Alexa Stats Hop

This Alexa Hop is a little different in that it will actually change your stats faster then just leaving comments although we like comments as well.  So with that said this is how it works: The best way to improve your stats is have a review on each blog  for your blog, so that is what we are concentrating on in this Alexa Hop.

Install the Alexa Toolbar if you haven’t already. Don’t complete any more steps until you’ve done that first. Be sure to restart your browser if necessary.

  • Leave a Link to your blog in the linky below. We only like family friendly blogs, please, please do not link to a post, but to the main page.
  • Browse around each site for as long as you have time for. Allowing the first page to load completely.  Be sure to leave a comment my blog and tell me that you’re taking part in the Crush The Alexa Stats,  I’ll be sure to return the visit to your blog and have a look around. The best way to improve your stats is to write a review on each blog  I’ll be sure to do the same for you as well. Just leave me a comment on this post and let me know that you left a review.
  • Visit as many blogs in the linky list as you can. Be sure to let them know that you’re visiting from the  Crush The Alexa Stats and leave a link to your blog so they can come to your blog and return the favor.
  • Please take the time to leave at least one review for one blog. It’s very easy just click on the Alexa Review Banner  then click on the blog’s link in the window that pops up. Then, click on the “review” tab in the window that opens, and click on the “Write a Review” button. If you have the full toolbar for Firefox installed, just click on the graph icon in the toolbar. That will take you to the site info page for that blog. Then, click the review tab and then write a review. The review does not have to be long, no longer than a comment you would write.  Give the stars you feel the site deserves.
We would love it if you could, help spread the word about the new "Crush The Alexa Stats"  hop with a blog post, a tweet, on Facebook, or by using the share button (below). The more people we get to participate, the lower each of our ranks can go!


  1. wow! this is a great idea Karren..would love to join.. ;D

  2. by the way, dropping by from The Grand Event, Alexa hop..

    my link is


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