Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blogger Event! Sign Up For 5k fan giveaway! Starts 4/26

I just signed up to participate in the 5k fan giveaway event! This will be a great way to
build you followers for Twitter, FB, you blog, etc.
Sign-ups will last until April 26th, and a postcode with rafflecopter 
link will be sent via email by the 28th to those that sign up! 
The event will run May 2nd 00:00 through the 8th!

Her goal is to give away a paypal cash prize and get traffic to the blogs that sign up! 
Let’s all make this event awesome! ^_^;
Links start at $1.25 for the first link (the $0.25 is an “administration fee” ), 
and $1 for any link after that. Please send payment as a gift in order to avoid paypal fees.  
Minimum of one link, but you can have more than that of course!

Please Sign Up Here to take part in this event! ^_^

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