Friday, June 22, 2012

8 Designer Handbags Giveaway Event Signup

Would you like to be part of an Event that offers eight weeks of brand new designer handbags? …How about Handbags from Celebrities wardrobes. OKAY??? 8 Designer Handbags Giveaway?
You Got the concept…now jump on signing up for this giveaway You get free follows too, for the social media outlet of your choice. I am choosing Facebook

PS. The first week’s prize is a handbag from the closet of a Dancing With the Stars celebrity…here’s all the details:

Each week’s giveaway will offer a different prize…and the grand prize will be awarded in Week 8. For those who have entered the previous seven weeks’ giveaways will get bonus entries in the Week 8 giveaway. Don’t you think your readers will love that?? Fans, isn’t that amazing? Want to know another thing your readers will LOVE? It’s WORLDWIDE!

Bloggers lean about this once-in-a-lifetime giveaway and sign up here.
Please let them know the Karren from Oh! My Heartsie sent you!

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