Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mixed Monday Post~ Want To See?

I want to thank my loyal readers and followers and those that have just visited for the first time.
I am all about finding things I like and hope that you find interesting and useful in some way.
I love meeting new bloggers and the new camaraderie in working together, whether it is to 
share a blog post, an event or some fun pictures from Pinterest, recipes or household hints, its all fun.

So today I start with some Featured Monday Linkys to visit and share your blogs.

‎~❦ I am looking for guest posts for 2 blogs ❦~
Blog #1
-Ideas on Saving with coupons
-Summer crafts/tutorials for kids

Blog #2
-Fashion finds
-Craft tutorials
- Fashion Events
These can be current or relatively new blog post, and you would get a link back to your blog post. 
They will be used in conjunction with advertisements.
‎~❦ Please message me, at karrenh (@) thanks ❦~

Then there are great savings at AVON, check out the website and signup to receive 
wonderful sales and specials.

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