Sunday, October 7, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness On Live Laugh Love To Shop

Well on my other blog Live Laugh Love To Shop, was dedicated for to blog about Breast Cancer Awareness for the entire month of October and have been running a different contest each week. What a better way to get attention than to have contests where there are great prizes being given away.

Glenda Cates with Mommies Point of View and I, Live Laugh Love To Shop have been working on the event since September.  It has been quite a challenge to put this huge event together, however, I have felt propelled to do so.

Now there are 2 more event and would love to have you join me in my quest to share the word about the awareness of breast cancer and how important it is to get mammograms.

So as we get to the middle of this month I wanted to share several more event opportunities coming up that you can join me in, they are totally free and you receive 2 Free Links!!!! Theres lots of sponsors for prizes that are being given away.

Here is a list of the events that have been going on, one that is complete, one that is in the process and the rest are near starting.

Bloggers Have The Power To Stomp Out Cancer 10/1
Squeeze The Boobs 10/5
Think Pink 10/12
Lets Be Pretty 10/19
Grand Event- The Power In Pink Ribbons 10/26 Over $300.00 in Prizes and 3 Lucky Winners + A Contest for bloggers
that post this event on their blogs. Check out the details, please. Looking for 50 Bloggers-Signup Early 2 Free Links

You have the opportunity to help spread the word and bloggers can do it. Please join me in this fight and talk about it with your friends, husband and your families.

If  you have any questions, would like to help, donate a prize you can email me at Subject: Breast Cancer

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