Friday, November 23, 2012

Battery Operated Candle Review

I have always enjoyed candles anytime of year, but if you have small children it is not always a good idea to have them in your home. Thats why these battery operated candles can be an alternative to the traditional wick candles. They are safe to operate, fun to decorate with and fit into any decor, they come in various shapes and sizes and come in an assortment of scents to suit anyone taste. They also carry a variety of tea lights and taper candles.

The candles can be placed anywhere without the worry of safety for your children.  They offer such an inviting welcome into anyone's home. The candles have trademarked technology with the True Flicker™ bulbs are rated over 100,000 hours of usage. They burn clean as there is no soot as they burn clean and leave no wax fumes and are healthy for everyone.

The also have tealights that can be used in sconces and in stairwells to add interest and character to any room knowing that your kids will be safe.

Outdoors: The battery operated candle can used outdoors on your patio and are windproof

If you like the idea of having candles in your home to create an ambiance or romatic setting, using them for the holidays to decorate then  Battery Operated Candles are just what you need.  They are having Black Friday Specials and offer wholesale pricing.

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  1. Never heard of a battery operated candle. I'll have to check these out. It's pretty too! Thanks =D


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