Saturday, December 29, 2012

(Blogger Resources) Blog Planning for 2013 (Printable Planner)

Blog Planners for 2013

Photo from MamJenns Blogs

If you have ever wondered how to keep all your blogging straight then I have one solution.

Last year I found a printable planner that is free and has had new options added for this coming year. Jennifer says some improvements. So I wanted to share with my fellow bloggers as a "resource for bloggers".

It is 50 pages in a PDF form, offers a "monthly blog calendar", "monthly planning", "blog giveaways", and a place for "notes".  She has also added some new bonus features such as "year at a glance", "monthly blog stats" and "future blog ides".
"This proves as an invaluable tool for bloggers". 
You can check out her blog and find the planner to print at Mama Jenns so hope on over and let her know that Karren Haller sent you please! And if you like these kinds of blogger resource ideas, kindly let me know in a comment :) And Retweet too please................

She also has and you can check out these other printable documents

Jenn {aka Mama Jenn}


  1. Thanks or sharing this I'm totally going to have to print this off when I get some ink for my printer!
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

    1. Hi Miss Kimberly, I used this one last year and it really helps. Thanks for stopping by! Happy New year!


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