Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Airbrush Makeup Systems Available

Airbrush Makeup Kits

Airbrush makeup is an excellent alternative to your normal daily makeup routine. It provides
a long-lasting and flawless finish, and you can certainly achieve the look that you desire.
Airbrush makeup can diminish the appearance of uneven skin tones without making the skin
appear unnatural and artificial. Because airbrush makeup provides a light touch to the skin, it
is easy and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

You can now purchase airbrush makeup kits that provide a comprehensive range of tools
to replace all of your manual makeup products. For inexpensive prices, you can look like a
celebrity and still remain within your budget. Temptu offers various types of airbrush makeup kits
to accommodate your unique style. Airbrush makeup is normally used in photo shoots for
magazines as well as movies and commercials. With easy to use tools and starter guides, you
can create any look regardless of your prior experience in makeup application.

Airbrush Makeup Base System
The airbrush makeup base system allows you to provide a light coverage for daytime use,
or you can create a deeper effect for evening and nighttime looks. You can adjust the air
pressure to give you the right level of thickness. It allows you to create various effects to
flatter different styles. Whether you have warm or cool undertones, the airbrush makeup base
system can deliver various shades to accommodate different skin tones.

Signature Starter Kit
The signature starter kit allows you to create your own unique makeup kit. You can select the
best foundation and blush for your skin and put together a variety of looks from more than
600 color combinations. It includes a new and more enhanced air compressor and airbrush
gun to provide you with deep coverage that appears flawless and perfect.

Flawless Complexion Kit
The flawless complexion kit includes a breakthrough formula that offers flawless results
that can withstand the most extreme temperature settings. The makeup continues to look
perfect even in warm and humid weather conditions. There is no need to reapply the makeup,
because it provides perfect coverage for the whole day.
Deluxe Signature Kit
The deluxe signature kit gives you high quality products to help you easily create the camera-
ready look in the comfort of your own home. It’s easy to connect your Air Pod and Airbrush,
and these tools are also easily removable. You can customize the kit to create a high definition
look for maximum coverage or a lightweight appearance for minimum coverage.

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