Wednesday, January 23, 2013

LapGear Laptop Desk Product Review Giveaway Coming

Lapgear Platinum Series 500 Lapdesk In Purple

I have never had a lap desk or lap tray to work on so this was going to be fun to try the LapGear out, since I change from a desk to a chair or the couch to work I needed something sturdy to work on.

My Review
The LapGear I received for my review comes from the Designer and Custom category and is the Platinum Series  it is  L x W x H = 19.4 x 1.65 x 14.18 Inches and is very lightweight, I choose a purple one and it is great. It fits in my lap perfectly it is curved which fits snugly against my lap as you can see in the photo and holds my laptop in place as there is a bar that holds my computer from moving.  
The LapGear is made of durable fabric on the bottom with a thick padding of soft foam, on the top it has a smooth surface for writing and drawing. It also has a carrying handle for transport.

The  LapGear™ Platinum Series 500 Lapdesk™ delivers solid performance with heat dispersion. It protects your lap and keeps it cooler to work. The Lapdesk is great for work, school, dorm, students or even for eating and would make a great gift for anyone that needs a solid surface to work, while being comfortable. Cost is $27.99

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Now I Have Some Good News!!
Giveaway Will Start 1/30
Bloggers Wanted Click Here For All The Details
I have been offered a Platinum series in a color of the winner’s choice from Here at LapGear 

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So what do you think?  Do you use a lapdesk? 
Is this something you could see yourself buying for yourself or someone else? 
Maybe one of the kids, someone in college?

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