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Maggie Bags Product Review

Maggie's Bags- Butterfly Bag Product Review

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I received the Maggie Butterfly Bag in pink and brown and I was amazed to find our how well constructed the bag was. It will work well for traveling, it has many pockets inside to store things like cosmetics and traveling essentials. I think I would like to use it for going to the gym or to yoga to carry essentials I would need, my water bottle, towel, hand-wipes, suit, mats, etc. 

Since the construction is made of automotive seat belt webbling it helps to re-purpose seat belt fabric that would normally end up in landfills and has been doing so since 1991. You see to meet government standards automakers reject millions of yards of this webbling and Maggie Bags uses as much as possible in the manufacture of their bags in their simple cut-in-sew operation.

It is their desire to do their part for the environment by finding creative ways to use these materials, 
instead of ending up in landfills.  Maggies Bags was actually launched in 2009 with just a few handful retailer and little online stores. Today their products are found in many retail stores all over the US and their online store. It is Maggie Bags commitment to use repurposed seatbelt webbing whenever possible and remains steadfast.

The Butterfly Bag comes in two tone colors red, black brown, pink & brown and grey. Measures 15" L  x 2" W  x 12" H has wrap around pockets, inside zipper pockets and lined pockets around the inside. It retails for $104.00 and you can use Discount Code: Heartsie15  This code is for your readers and gives 15% off Maggie Bags Premier Line until Feb. 28, 2013. This code iscase-sensitive.  I hope that you have enjoyed this review, I know that I will enjoy the bag for many years to come.


You can Enter to Win a Butterfly Bag on January 23rd   Here

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