Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Latest Updates from the "New Oh! My Heartsie Reviews" Site

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As I mentioned about a month ago, I have made the leap and started moving this blog over to Wordpress and now that I have an I am getting used to it, I am so excited and wish that I had done it along time ago, there are so many more things I can do on the new blog and of course because I like to change things, I found "plugins", well let me tell you, that's like going shopping in the mall, there are so many tools and things I can explore and add to the blog to make it better. I already have favorites.

I appreciate my followers and your support each of you, without you the blog would just be a shell. So I just wanted to invite you over to see what is going on but thought I would share just a few things.

1st) I will be having a regular scheduled "Wordless Wednesday" that will have a theme, this week is Terrariums and I have found a site I visited several years ago for this weeks WW. In Progress Here

2nd) I have what I call "Sunday Collective Social Media Party", this is to link your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a link direct to your blog or favorite post. Read More...... Check out last weeks it is still open 

3rd) Of course I will have my reviews, that's what I am up to these days and I have some fun giveaways planned with companies like Precious Candles, Olive Tap, Boca Java Teas, Sibu Skin Care, Eden Fantasy's, SockBox, Sandgren Shoes, Baby products, Firmo Glasses, Hot Rock Cooking, Purely Visual and more coming.

4th) I will be joining many other bloggers to bring events to the New Oh! My Heartsie Reviews site.

5th) This is a biggy, I am offering bloggers a chance to try their hand as a "Featured Guest Writers", read about that here Read More.............

6th) I have an ongoing Event Linky you can add all your giveaways Check Out The "Event Library"

But during a short duration, I will keep this blog going until I feel it will be time to retire it. We know how all important stats an make or break a blog and I want my stats to build again.

So, I invite you to come and take a look around, check out some or my fun posts and events, you can find alot of the giveaways in the new widget I have installed that lists my current giveaways in the sidebar.

You can find most recent posts in the sidebar as well.

The New Oh! My Heartsie Reviews Logo

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