Friday, February 22, 2019

Google Is Killing Off Google Plus, Communities and Google Comments

Well, Google does it again, they are getting rid of Google Comments soon so for bloggers that have been using Google comments for years, it means you will be choosing another format of comments.
Google + is going away

The worst part is that all the comments you have accumulated over the umpteen years will be wiped out!!! Yep that's right, all of them and there's nothing you can do. So if you were building your blogs SEO, (stats for your blog) they'll be gone, kaput, no more.

It really sucks to think that all the hard work of getting people to comment on articles that you have put hard work into will disappear on April 2nd!!! Some of you have probably paid to get comments like when you offer giveaways or signup to get comments, now that was a waste.

But if you were smart and had a WordPress blog and used the blog's comments you are now moving forward leaving us in the dust!! Now those of us that have been using it on Bloggers platform will revert to Bloggers comment system, in fact, it already has.

Of course, there are other choices besides the Wordpress Plugins, and I found an article that goes into great detail on each one, crafting the settings so you can control what comments are seen, then there's the spam action, there is control for that as well and usually your WordPress blog has Akismet which automatically filters algorithms to detect and filter out spam. So much to think about.

Do you allow comments on your blog?

I have visited blogs that dont allow comments and I have visited blogs that have closed comments on posts.

Now there's yet another clincher, Google + communities, yep you guessed it, it they will go away too, in some areas G+ is already is being affected. And anywhere you have the G+ sign or widget, you will have to remove it from every place on your blog, not use it in posts, or anywhere you have used it, like in newsletters.

And on the communities, they will also be gone including all the hard work you put into promoting your blog posts and parties or selling. And there is no way to save all your G+ contacts. Remember these will be phased out by April 2nd. There is, however, a way to save content you shared if you want to download it, but do it sooner rather than later. Here are more details  But let me tell you, their documents are like reading a legal document be warned.

Google has something new up its sleeve, and they think they know what its users want, (so they think) for us, ugh, we can think for ourselves!! It is a for those that have a business and will still need Googles services to stay in touch with their customers.

Then the other part of Google+ is that all those places where you used Google+ to sign in, will be no more. They say, "it will be less invasive", well thats to be seen.

But there is a silver lining for businesses, Google still offers the use of YouTube, GooglePlus Photos, and Google Plus Hangouts, for customer engagement. Im not there yet and have never used the G+ Photos, dont think I want to. I'll stick with Cloud!!

So what are your thoughts on the big conglomerate in making changes in our lives?

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  1. This kind of stinks but I guess it is what it is. Will take some getting used to.

  2. I thought they were doing away with the emails too, is that right?

  3. I just don't understand what is happening here. Thank you for sharing this updated information

  4. Wow I wonder why. I wonder what they will do instead

  5. Everything changes eventually. Adaptation is the way to survive.

  6. I was so disappointed to here they were doing this.

  7. Thank you for sharing. This is not good.

  8. I don't really use Google plus so I guess this doesn't affect me much. Thank you so much for sharing though!


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