Monday, March 12, 2012

Smoke Alarms

Good morning everyone, I have something that is weighing heavy on my mind after reading of a sad story that was shared by another blogger about a home that was destroyed by fire and the family was left homeless and the fire  destroyed all their belongings. So as I woke the this morning looking up at my fire alarm I wonder, how often do you change the batteries in your fire alarms?

The U.S. Consumer Product Commission recommends that you check your smoke detector batteries once a month.

Read more: How Often Should You Change Your Smoke Detector Battery? |

So I have it now marked on my calendar to check these batteries once a month. Only takes a few minutes but can be easily done and arent the lives of your family that important.

My husband, his mom and 2 sisters lost the entire home and all its contents when he was a little boy, they had nothing, and to this day he is still bothered by it. But they were safe, and this was before fire alarms.

So please check those fire alarms and if you dont have them, please consider getting them installed.

My tip of the day for my readers....................Be blessed and stay safe!!

I hope you all have a great week!

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