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Gymnast in the Olympics 2012 Feature Gabby Douglas

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TIME magazine's 2012 Olympic issue

Today I wanted to continue my feature on the Olympics, a few stories about the athletics that have started for the most part at a very young age, some with experienced training and others that found training through their community centers.

My feature is about Gabby Douglas, Gabby is 16 years old. I watched the Olympics last night and she caught my attention, they call her the "flying squirrel" for her performance on the parallel bars and has the biggest smile. 

She started gymnastics when she was 6 years old, after her sister convinced her mother to let her do gymnastics. When she was 14 she moved from her home in Virginia to West Des Moines, Iowa to train with the same trainer Liang Chow, that coached Shawn Johnson the 2008 Olympic balance beam champion.  You can only imagine all that she has put on hold to reach for her goals, no playing with her little girls friends, having lots of sleep overs, all things little girls do while growing up.

I think that anyone that takes on the goal of any 
athletic sport has a desire buried so deep 
inside that it gives them the courage to keep going day after day. 
The pain the agony, the defeat and accomplishments
 are outstanding and create great character!! 
The American Dream, that there is choice and the desire
to reach out and make dreams come true!!
"If You Believe, You Can Achieve"
The support from their families is admirable!! 
Watch for my story tomorrow, 
it will be about someone that catches my eye tonight.
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  1. Oh Karren, what a great post, I love learning about new athletes and she has lost a lot of childhood in order to achieve her dreams

  2. I am from Virginia, too - originally! So I will have to root for her! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thanks for sharing! This is the time when I wish I had cable so I could keep up with the Olympics. I used to love watching the events.

  4. We are all sucked in to watching!! I think it helps unify people too!!
    Great story :)

  5. She is adorable and an awesome gymnast!

  6. This is a great post! I admire the gymnasts :)

  7. I am so excited to watch her and Team USA in 30 mins!(not that I'm counting or anything)

  8. Awesome story, I she the pros and cons of this--I hate seeing a child without a childhood, but on the other hand when it's Gods Will ,so be it...He has a purpose for this to accomplish something that perhaps wouldn't have been and other way. Bravo to these young people that have a goal, and make it. Support from all is so important, as long as it isn't a shove because isn't a personal goal.

  9. I love this story. They go through so much to become great athletes. I don't know if I have that talent, but I know that I have equal focus on other aspects of my life. I haven't had time to watch the Olympics this year, but I will catch-up on the highlights this weekend for sure.

  10. I love her! I saw her in the Nationals where they said she basically came out of nowhere. Amazing!

  11. Great post! I love her, she's the cutest thing, and her parents are amazing for believing in her and moving their whole family for her, great story!

  12. Thank you. For. Sharing this information great job


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