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I Make Your Way Through Social Media Jungle #SocialMedia #SocialGuide

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Hello everyone hope your going to do something fun for this weekend. For me it is a time to do research on ways to better my blogging skills, a challenge we all face and can relate to. Just so you know, this information has nothing to do with selling you anything, nor affiliate programs, just my perspective I would like to share ................please keep reading.

I know we all love setting up events and having giveaways, doing reviews and just having fun, however, there are better ways to get more out of the time you spend and the efforts you go to in setting these up or just because you want to engage with other bloggers and to have your blog noticed and have your followers return time and time again.

Well I love to share what I find in researching and so..........

If you are blogging to build your stats so that companies will work with you on product reviews or you just want to be noticed in the blogger jungle, then we all need to know a little about how to make our way through the jungle, of all the avenues of sharing our blogs, events and product reviews to get more readers and followers.

A year of so ago I found a site to help me understand about SEO and Social Media. I had even bookmarked it, but I forgot about it.  It is all about increasing or decreasing stats in some cases, and today in my research, I got an early start and found the site again and wanted to share it with you. I watched the best video that was produced in such an easy to understand format, I loved it. I forgot I had this plethora of information right at my fingertips and I'm glad I found it again!! Guess I used the right search terms in a Google search!

Source: via Karren on Pinterest
The first video I watched, was narrated and produced by "Amy Porterfield", she has a great fanpage on Facebook for more information, works with another awesome site, which I will share in a bit.  She knows the ins and outs of social media with less effort and can help you make money. Today, I learned how your business page on Facebook can do so much more for you than you can imagine, just watching the video tutorial, I found so many ways I could use my page to help promote and get more interaction and engagement with my followers that I had no idea was available, I just had to learn how to do it and Amy can share with you, how you can do it too. When I saw it I thought, I want to just delete my fanpages and start over!

The site I mention offers articles, video tutorials, a club with over 160,000 peers. You can sign up to receive the latest information on the cutting edge of social media.

So with that said:
Is this something you think you need to learn a little more about?
Would you want to know more about Facebook fanpages?
Would you like to receive newsletters to keep you posted?
Would you like it if it was free?

So if you are ready here's the goldmine of information  {Click Here} to find out more information, then let me know what you thought, if you joined so I can watch for you. Also find more helpful articles on ways to make money online

Have a great Happy New Year, Karren

These are not affiliate programs, this information is written by me, provided by me for the benefit of my Oh! My Heartsie followers.


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