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Leaning Can Be Fun With Toys Giveaway 9/20

We Wish You The Best Of Luck!!
Are Hosting This Event!! 
We appreciate the bloggers that have chosen to help promote.
Providing these toys and learning tools.
We thank "Early Learning Center" and "Dallas Vintage Toy" for

# 1 Prize~50 cars from Dallas Vintage ToysThe giveaway will be for 
#2 Prize Teaching Tiles™ Early Learning Tiles Beginning Reading Center 
#3 Prizes Phonics Firefly
All Prizes Will Go To One (1) Winner and This event is open to USA entrants
The Dallas Vintage Toys are not just for play, toys can be used for education for 
pre-school children, using multiples of the cars for counting, 
for colors, grouping by colors, counting once grouped your imagination is unlimited!
Learning can be fun, with toys.
The active learning with the Teaching Tiles is another tool for early learning

The Phonics Firefly is one of the most important learning tolls you can purchase as it teaches young ones to not only read but to spell

Today I would like to invite you to come and check out one of David and Charlies favorite sites on the in internet.  This is called Dallas Vintage Toys.

I like knowing that it is close enough that they can go and shop at it. It will make finding Christmas Gifts for Charlie so much easier as he has asked for the Robots above for Christmas. So with the offering free shipping on orders over a certain amount I will be able to save time, gas and money.

Plus they take Paypal which means I will be able to make some purchases without David being included and so it  would be a surprise for him as well.
Please check them out and let me know what you think of them.

Ready-made center contains everything you need to reinforce 
8 beginning reading skills.
  • Targets initial and final consonants, short vowels, beginning word building and sentence building, rhyming, vocabulary and comprehension

  • Provides a child-friendly center space with easy-grip chunky tiles and work tray that holds components firmly in place so children can focus on their tasks

  • Encourages independent learning with self-checking activities

  • Includes 100 plastic tiles, 50 Activity Cards with real-life photography, Teacher’s Guide with scope and sequence of skills, and sturdy plastic work tray with built-in storage for tiles
Phonics Firefly

Youngsters will love learning phonics with lights, sounds and digital speech! The friendly firefly introduces letter recognition with the alphabet song. Mode 2 teaches the names of letters, then mode 3 quizzes letter recognition. Mode 4 teaches the soundalphabet: 'The sound of +b' is /b/ as in bear.' Then mode 5 quizzes letter sounds. Mode 6 introduces simple three-letter words. In mode 7, students make their own words. Phonics Firefly's word bank speaks nearly every three-letter word in the English language! Includes built-in speaker with volume control and automatic shut-off. Includes four AA batteries.

Disclaimer: Mommies Point of View Offered this Review and 
Oh! My Heartsie will not be responsible for fulfilling prizes. 
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  1. yes i think useing toys for learning is good
    michelle -

  2. Aww, I like to share with my friends on Facebook and Twitter. It's great collection of lovely xmas gifts which will be helpful to me.

  3. I have noticed with my grandson that if he's having fun, sometimes he's not even realizing he's learning. That's what is great about educational toys!

  4. I think that there are many toys that are both fun and educational.

  5. Children are constantly learning! :) Educational toys just make it fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. i think it is great for them to learn while also having fun. they pay more attention.

  7. You can definitely use toys for learning! I work in a school with special needs kids and we use them all the time to help them learn!

  8. I have a strong belief that if learning is not fun and engaging that children will not retain the knowledge you intend for them to grasp. has lots more on learning

  9. As a teacher, this is a common practice for me. You have to engage kids for them to learn and retain information

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    Blog Media organization: Not sure what you mean by this
    Permission to add to newsletter: Yes
    Interested in writing a guest post: Yes, once again, I write about kid friendly topics. Recipes, crafts, discipline ideas, homeschooling

  11. Just for the record, the Facebook entry for Lord Sky Oak says this:
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    1. I still clicked on the entry, because I am sure I already follow.

  12. Oh I definitely believe toys are for learning. I love having lesson time with the girls with crafts and using their workbooks, but there is so much they can learn from toys.


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