Saturday, September 8, 2012

Would You Ever Need Retail Store Supplies?

"Retail store supplies" are sometimes hard to find when setting up a new business, maybe for a retail store that you will need fixtures for your walls, counters, standalone fixtures and display cases.

In the past I have had the opportunity to set up retail products in my nail salon and would be using shelving, glass cases with sliding doors, fixtures for display of products, baskets and wire racks. Then for the retail portion I would need packaging, boxes, bags for small purchases and gift wrap for holidays.

Now, for displaying clothing items, jewelry, scarves, etc. I would also be using some mannequins as these items help to sell when properly. When I went shopping locally I found that I didn't have a lot of retail store supplies to choose from, however, after being asked to write a review for Retail Resource and visited their website I found that they would have everything I would need to do the job.

"Retail Resource" even carries items I found that I could use at home, for my kitchen, laundry room, for organization around my home and in the garage.  One of the items that caught my eye is Hubert® Impulse Bin Stand it could be used in a small area for storing extra towels in a bathroom or in a child’s room for storing toys. It is a 3 tiered, round wire rack and is painted black, measures 46’” high and is 17” round.

At the time that I was shopping for the things I needed, online shopping was not yet heard of. So if you or someone you know would need items for a business, I would suggest visiting their website to browse or order a catalog. The website is Retail Resource

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