Friday, October 12, 2012

Slice Safety Cutter Product Review

I had the opportunity to try this nifty little tool, the Slice Safety Cutter, it is great
It has ceramic blades, will stay sharp and because it is ceramic wont rust. 

It works great to cut out coupons, newspaper articles, and would even work with small
scrape booking projects.  It does have a non slip surface for easy handling 
The neatest thing I like, is for cutting open those blister packs on packages, they might be a great invention for packaging but are a night mare to open. 
There have even been times when I have cut myself on this sort of package, 
so the Slice Safety Cutter works safely. I read that they work for right or left handed people.

They have products for all your beauty, kitchen, utility, industrial, home and office, 
cutting with safety in mind!! You can visit their website at Slice Safety Products 

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