Monday, November 12, 2012

(Holiday Gift Guide) Girl Power

 “I Am More Than Just a Girl” is an empowering guide for young women that educates on important topics which are often not learned until after college. Unfortunately these are sorely needed to be taught to girls as young as junior high and middle school. It begins with an introduction to women who have changed history along with a new generation of girls who are currently creating a better world. The following pages include discussions on beauty and body image, self defense, stress and anger management, education, sexual assault rights, domestic violence, bullying, and acceptance and tolerance. It includes helpline resources, creative exercises, and journal pages giving girls the tools they need to thrive and make informed decisions. It has been described as an “inspiration to girls across the globe.” – Girl Powered United

A curriculum is available to use along with the book in a classroom setting. “The activities and discussions in this book certainly make for an enjoyable experience for the girls.” –F.L.Y. Mentoring Services.  This allows girls to learn and be empowered with support of their peers and a teacher or youth leader. The book is available at and as an Ebook on Kindle. I am More Than A Girl

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