Monday, December 31, 2012

"BlogTalking" Resolutions & New Social Media For Bloggers

When Ever a New Year Begins I create Blogging Bucket List for 2013 "BlogTalking"

"Something New For 2013"

For me, my blogging treks have taken me far and wide and because we have road blocks that get in our way (Like Facebook with all their rules (they seem to write when convenient for them to get traffic to FB) I will be looking for new avenues to spread myself out through other venues and social media. So with that said theses are some of the ways that I would like to share with my fellow bloggers.

First, new Social Media I would like to share that I have found, signed up and have been using;

1) Rebel Mouse I wrote about him last week and have found new bloggers to connect with
check out my previous post Click Here and with Rebel Mouse you can create a page/community on your blog to see all your posts to promote from Check Mine Here

2) Sverve 
Your a mom your busy and you spend a lot of time posting your blog content as your know as an influencer and Sverve gives you a platform.  As a blogger to connect with brands and marketers would like to connect with thats why Sverve gives you a platform to highlight your areas of expertise and earn the credit you deserve. And with 3.9 Mom Blogger you need other ways to get your content noticed.  Sverve Website

Here's how:

  • Simply add up to 5 areas of influence on your profile
  • Ask your followers to endorse you
  • Share quality information on the Sverve platform like your latest blog posts and best tips
  • Share frequently Sverve Website
Klout: And for other resolutions I intend to do to broaden my social reach I am going to:
Visit Klout each day for a few minutes, find, connect and follow and give Klout to raise my score, as I was recently informed by a company I was talking to for a product review that they are now asking for Klout scores in job interviews, I said, what, and he said that if you dont have a score they would not hire, go figure that something like this could make the difference in getting hired or turned down. So I figure this also is true when applying for product reviews.

Google+: So with all social media we have to continually to add, follow and promote, so it is my challenge that each day I try and add some new people to follow and connect with.

Twitter: Again we know that in order to get our content our there we need to continue to build these numbers, retweet and connect and when you follow let them know you are a new follower. is alot like Networked blogs, however, there is more interaction with the actual followers and with many categories to choose from so you can narrow your search to bloggers in your niche and you can choose countries.  Once you signup and add your blog, tags that pertain it appears in a screen shot for other bloggers  You can write comments and interact, follow blogs without leaving the site, vote on content and meet bloggers all over the world. This can all be done without leaving the site, much easier than Google Friends or Networked blogs.

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This content was first seen on Oh! My Heartsie, all content in this post are from my original ideas and opinions and research. Thanks for taking the time to read. And comments are appreciated.


  1. Hi Karren! Saying hi from the blog challenge! I love the post, I am frustrated with FB as well, worked really hard last year building my audience, and now people hardly see my posts! I will be delving into pinterest and google+ more this year!

    1. I know and it seems FB makes it harder all the time, I contend they write new rules just so they get the traffic, like all of us and stats, they have a lot to loose since they have stock holders to answer to. So your doing the right thing, I spread myself in many directions this year I am going to try and build on Klout, Pinterest,, Sverve, Rebel Mouse for new bloggers new readers. Good luck! Happy new year!

  2. I'm with you. I'm learning a bit more about google+ each day. So much to do!

    1. Hi Catherine, I agree, I am devoting a lot of my time on building a relationship with new bloggers everyday, about 10 on each social network like G+,, through linkies by visiting and commenting. Hoping they will return the favor. And I have decided to use Google Reader to follow blog so as not to fill up my emails, there is to much to keep up with. I wish you well with your blog endeavors, Happy New Year!!

  3. A very interesting post. Heather does a lot more promotion of her blog than I do.

  4. I have started spending more time on twitter, pinterest, G+, etc... I really wonder if FB isn't channeling things so they can start charging for non personal blogs. They asked me to pay $1 to send a message to someone that I wasn't a friend of already! NO WAY!! Again I think it is starting to look like it has more to do with the dollar than the thousands of us that use FB.


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