Monday, March 18, 2013

Update on Sibu Beauty Products

Sibu Skin Care Products Review Update

I was fortunate to receive "Total Beauty Gift Set" Sibu Skin Care products it is valued at $60.00 for review.
They sent me a complete kits which includeds:
Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap
Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream
Sea Buckthorn Body Cream
Sea Buckthorn Cellular Support
The products are created in Salt Lake City, Utah and was founded by Bruce McMullin founded Sibu in 2003 

Sea Buckthorn Sibu Beauty products are nutrient-rich sea buckthorn berries, with every product in the Sibu Beauty line offers the best of over 190-bio actives packed into each sustainable harvested sea buckthorn berry.

For the facial skin care regime I tried 3 products Facial Bar, Seed Oil and Nourishing Facial Cream.

I started in the evening with cleansing an important part of a good skin regime.
Starting with the facial soap, it lathers up quickly to promotes tissue recovery and healing. Clears away toxins pollution in the air, with a fresh clean fragrance.

After cleansing I used the buckthorn seed oil which can be sued for relief of acne, dermatitis and other skin aliment. And helps to restore damaged skin to its natural state. Its seemed easily absorbed. And I waited for a bit of time then applied the nourishing facial cream.
Theres a Giveaway See Note at Bottom
For the inner me they have sea buckthorn cellular support with omega 7 there are 60 gelcaps
I am on day 5 of these cute little gel caps and will have to see what they do by the end of the product
  • They provide support for the skin and mucous membranes
  • Scavenges free radicals
  • Increases vitality (I need)
  • In studies help reduce symptoms of Eczema which I experience from time to time
  • Is certified organic Kosher
  • And contains 100% natural ingredients

Update: Since I have been using the Body Cream I have not had the dry and flaky skin II was experiencing before I started using these products. The Body Cream which smells wonderful, a very clean fragrance, clean and fresh. I read that it has sea buckthorn, shea butter and meadowfoam oil in the ingredients.

Helps to soften and hydrate the skin, and will help to rejuvenate the skin.
I am using it on my entire body and hands during the day. 

They have many other products as well all designed to take care of your skin from the inside and out. 

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