Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Create a Tropical Escape

    Create a Tropical Escape

    From bright purples to dazzling pinks, lime greens to sunny yellows, this decorating scheme demands hot colors and cool drinks.

    Eye Candy

    Color with confidence. Throw the rules out the window and use colors you love where you’ll see them most often. In this living room, shades of purple on the ceiling, trim, and furniture unify the space.

    Expert Advice

    “Choosing colors for the home depends on where you live. Take a nod from nature -- if there’s a tree outside the window, pay attention to its color, and don’t be afraid to use it in your home. If you live near a rain forest, use rich forest colors, such as banana-leaf greens and torched red gingers.”
    –– Marion Philpotts, interior designer

    Taste of the Tropics

    Popular in America since the 1940s, bark cloth fabric is distinguished by tropical motifs and colors.

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