Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Easy Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Easy Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Don't spend a lot of money on a store-bought Thanksgiving centerpiece. Instead make your own by using flowers, fruits and candles.
thanksgiving centerpieces

Make your own centerpiece

Yes, you can easily and quickly make a pretty centerpiece for the holidays. These ideas rely on simple materials, many of which you probably have on hand, and they take just minutes to assemble—a must for any busy hostess.
Pretty Baskets

Pretty fall baskets

This centerpiece idea is great when you want to fil a long table without spending a fortune. A collection of baskets (they don't have to be matching) can easily be transformed into a festive cfall enterpiece. We filled these with red grapes, but any season fruit will work.

Craft InstructionsPretty fall baskets

Pitcher centerpiece

Use decorative cloth napkins or hand towels to transform simple water pitchers into a charming centerpiece. Just add simple seasonal berries or greenery from the yard.

Craft InstructionsPitcher centerpiece
fall centerpiece

Fall-inspiration centerpiece

Decorate tall cylinder glass vases with season items for an instant centerpiece. We filled these with fall leaves, crab apples, small pears and cranberries, but you can use what you have on hand.

Craft Instructions: Fall-inspiration centerpiece
Centerpiece platter

Centerpiece platter

Create a large dramatic centerpiece just by grouping several similar themed or colored items together on a serving platter. Then add a few candles to make this large, stand-out centerpiece festive for the evening too.

Ctaft InstructionsCenterpiece platter
Flowery Foursome

Flowery foursome

One large bouquet of fresh flowers can be trimmed and turned into several small arrangments. Don't have four matching short vases? Use ordinary water glasses or tumblers as vases to set up this charming (and easy) display.

Craft InstructionsFlowery foursome
Glowing group

Glowing group

Bring the colors of autumn to your table with a centerpiece of harvest-inspired leaves, oranges and candles. Grouping these items together on a short cake stand gives instand height to your arrangement.

Craft InstructionsGlowing group
Floating garden

Floating garden

Evoke a sense of whimsy with a waterborne grouping of brilliant flowers and a candle.

Craft InstructionsFloating garden
Harvest Tableau

Harvest tableau

Concoct a cornucopia-like display of nuts, berries and other fruit.

Craft InstructionsHarvest tableau
carnation tower

Cranberry Carnation Pyramid

Let lush color and texture serve as the beautiful focal point of your table. The height is easily created by stacking different sized plates and saucers.

Craft InstructionsCranberry Carnation Pyramid