Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Is Pinterest? Link Your Pinterest Account!

Here's a bit about Pinterest and a chance to 
share your Pinterest Profile for us to follow!

It’s social bookmarking that makes sense and is highly fueled by recommendations from friends. Or people you choose to follow. (Similar to Tumblr in that sense)  I think a big part of Pinterest’s appeal is its simplicity. All shared content, is image based. Any item, recipe, idea or tip  that users decide to post is represented by an image. Additionally, the source of where the “pinned” item was found is documented right below its image. You can even add a “pin it” button to your bookmarks toolbar of your browser to easily save content you want to include on one of your boards. From for more information
Ok guys – Pinterest is my new favorite website. And I mean it. It’s everything I ever wanted out of Twitter and Facebook… but on a much larger scale. Perhaps you don’t think you have time to sign up for a new account – you don’t really HAVE to! Pinterest doesn’t make you sign up to take advantage of the wonders it holds.
Pinterest is currently invite-only. You can request 
an invite from them or you can be invited by someone
who is already a part of Pinterest.
When you receive an invite, you can register via 
Facebook Connect or connect through Twitter.
If you would like an invite leave a comment for an 
invite and I will send one to you!!

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