Thursday, January 5, 2012

More of my Pinterest Favorites

I love to visit my new favorite site 
Pinterest and found some 
un things there I wanted to share
Cozy Toes, and you can make these with 
a pattern from Sew News
Is this not the cutest thing someone thought up, here it is on Pinterest

And this, what a great idea for book markers with paint chip boards, 
you could all sorts of fun making these, kids could give them to their friends.
Make them in a rainbow of colors.
I found it here on Pinterest 

I love the quotes I find on Pinterest 
and all you do is search for Quotes
If you dont belong to Pinterest 
and would like and 
invite let me know I will send you one

How is this, made with cupcake papers, 
and so easy to hang just about anywhere.
But if you need a tutorial I found it on one
of my favorite blogs 

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