Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is Your Passion!

What is you passion, do you like to blog, craft, cook, shop, sew, read, crochet, knit or garden or maybe write poems, scrapbook, make jewelry, create floral designs, or something like visiting
Pinterest or other boards to browse through all the fun pictures?

Everyone has something that they love to do, for some it is a passion and others would call it
hobby, but what ever it is usually it is something that is a diversion or to
share god given talents and sometime the passion turns into a lucrative business, so.......
I am curious what your passion might be? 

Maybe there is something you have not been able to do, because our lives are so busy taking care of families or work, but there is always a desire to do something we love, so share with my readers what your "Passion" is and why you do it or want to.

My passion for me is making handmade jewelry, I discovered when my sons girlfriend showed
me a watch she made from beads from the craft store, I dove in and started looking for
ideas (and started bookmarking what I found) then off to find supplies, well needless to say
I have a grundle of supplies for making not only jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and earrings
but fabric to make clutch purses and those cute fabric flowers everyone is making. 
I have sold quit a few items here are just a few ................

I am offering copper and silver earrings as the Prize

So tell us what your Passion is, and Im going to share 
them with our readers in another write up. 
Thanks for stopping by.

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