Sunday, March 4, 2012

Would You Take Surveys To Make Money or Just To Give Your Opinion?

Ok, so I am curious and have another question and since I value my readers comments I thought I would ask. 

How often do you see ads for giving you opinion, surveys? Or see offers to make money doing online surveys?  We are all exposed to take a surveys, even when were shopping or eating out someone wants to know what we think.  Have you ever stopped to think why when your handed a receipt they show you at the bottom, a number to call to share your opinion on service received or there products or even how you like a store that is being remolded. Sometimes there is a reward or not, for my time I like to, if I know there's a reward as it does take my time. Companies need feed back to know if there doing right things and depend on us, the consumer to let them know the good and the bad.

And on another note there are surveys online that you can choose to participate in, and in some cases you can earn money, yep some companies pay you for your thoughts and opinions. So here is where my question comes in............and keep in mind my question is not based on whether you are happy or not with product or service, just if you participate in surveys. Would you participate in online paid surveys? Would you take the time to answer questions on a service received or not? Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear.

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