Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Container Gardens Update

Good Morning, Hope you are all enjoying your day.  I wanted to share an update on my container gardens, my son has been busy getting all my flowers and vegetables planted and we have about filled all the containers he built. He did a fine job and I love them, he loves to work with wood. And I enjoy the flowers and vegetables.

Since I dont have a lot of room, we have chosen to strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, squash and pepper plants in a variety, from hot to mild, of course the guys like the heat.  We bought several varieties of tomatoes and they will produce at different times, different sizes and colors. My favorite vegetable (which is really a fruit) is fresh tomatoes!

For the flowers we have alysum, marigolds, panseys, zinnas, daisy's, geraniums, snap dragons johnny jumpups and I have some seeds I will incorporated too. Most of these containers will be in our backyard with the front yard flower garden still in the works. 

Next will be the on garden on the front path, will be sharing soon!


  1. Stopping by from your Avoiding April Showers giveaway.

    I love container gardening. Half of my veggies are in containers this year. The only thing not in containers are my vines (pumpkins, cucumbers, and squash).

    heather at parentingpatch dot com

  2. I too have a few containers for gardening the cherry tomatoes, and tomtillos, only be cause they spread everywhere-- they are on the patio--potatoes and cucs. are in the big garden--of course a few flowers too


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