Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday Post
We live with 2 great cats, one is named Scruffy and the other Digger. Scruffy gets his name because he always looks like he has been traveling with the wind to his back, all scruffed up and Digger because digging is his way to let me know he wants extra food, in my office
(see I keep extra food for him there as Scruffy cant eat his kind of food)
so he find paper to scratch on to make a noise and if that doesnt work to get my attention,
he knocks something off the desk, keys, a spool, a cap what ever he can find.
So "we" live with the cats, in their domain. 
He was making sure I did not open my package I received
for a product review................
He probably thought there was food for him

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