Saturday, September 15, 2012

Country Bobs Sauce Review~Giveaway

Country Bobs was gracious enough to send me 2 bottles of their All Purpose sauce for 
review and will  also gladly give away a bottles for 2 winner.

When I first read all purpose, I expected this sauce to be more like a bbq sauce. 
So for the first taste had to be on a spoon, to experience the flavor by itself.
To my surprise, I found the flavor to be a party in my mouth. 

Next I wanted to try this out and I had ground beef on hand so I added a few
tablespoons along with some breadcrumbs and an egg and chopped onion. I made
them into patties and cooked them in my counter top grill and served with a salad. They
were moist and full of flavorful.  With other sauces I find they are to pungent, tart to 
my palate and Country Bobs has a milder flavor. Oh and did I mention it is gluten free!!

I also tried  the sauce on a batch of ribs in the final 20 minutes or so, I started brushing on 
the sauce. And they turned out delicious!!

Now visiting the website I was surprised, I didnt know they also have other kinds of products,
spicy sauce, bbq sauce, seasoning salt, apparel and gift packs.

Then there are recipes I found on the site that I would like to try. And there products
can be used in soups, on meats, side dishes and appetizers.

So if you would like an opportunity to win a bottles of Country Bobs Steak Sauce from the company,
follow the directions in the Rafflecopter.
Good Luck!!

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  1. I don't cook with sauces. we use them for dips. My favorite in bbq sauce. I would love to try Bobs. I have heard its good for dipping and cooking!

  2. I like to dip

  3. I like to cook with steak sauce. I put in in meats to make it juicier. I also marinate with it.

  4. I cook with sweet baby rays honey bbq sauce. LOVE IT

  5. I do cook with the sauces & like enough to have for dipping too.

  6. Sweet baby Rays, I use it for everything. Cooking & Dipping

  7. Hello from The TT Diaries. I cook with A1 and worchestershire sauce a lot. I love me some A1 ohhh it is sooo good.


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