Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monkey Balm Product Review

Product Review for Monkey Balm is used to treat many skin irritations like chapping, eczema, itching and is safe newborns.

I was asked to try Monkey Balm and so the first thing I used this product on were my heels, it is always a problem in the winter here is the desert being so dry. Monkey Balm comes in a stick like a roll up deodorant and makes it really easy to use. 

My son is using it on his hands after he laughed at the name, he does construction work and in the cold his hands and knuckles crack, so this has been a great testimonial of how well the product is working. It does work best at room temperature, because it is in a stick. 

I like using it first thing after a shower and before socks. It would also be good to use in the summer to keep heels from cracking when wearing sandals all the time. Easy to carry on trips and easy to use on kids, there is no stinging even in open cracks. So the little ones wont cry. And is great for little dry patches of skin.

You can find more from moms here  Testimonials Here 
These are some highlights from he website I wanted to share:
  • Soothing itchy, painful irritation immediately
  • Improves eczema and extreme dry-skin in 3 days
  • Reducing irritation/symptoms from dry climates
  • Soothing sunburn, minor scrapes and burns, and rashes
Why does it work?
  • Organic Sea Buckthorn oils (the FIRST ingredient on the label) are clinically proven to improve symptoms of eczema, extreme dryness, even burns and wounds.
  • Natural soothing botanical ingredients alleviate irritation and smooth rough skin.
  • No-sting formula and quick, no-mess application makes life just a little bit easier for kids and parents alike!
  • There is so much more documentation on buckthorn here  

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