Sunday, September 23, 2012

Stonefire Authentic Flat Breads Product Review

I received flat breads from Stonefire Authentic Flat breads company 
from Canada and my review has three opinions!!

My son was visiting and when the "Stonefire Flat Breads" arrived we had to give them the taste test. 
I prepared the the first flat bread in the toaster for a few minutes, when he came in, he said it smelled wonderful. 
Ok so then  tired one with hummus on one and just plain for the other to taste.  
Wonderful flavor, and with a hint of garlic.  They were wonderful just plain.

(By the way he loves to cook good foods so his opinion was important.)
First thing he said was, they reminded him of a pita, but when he tasted it, he said "the texture 
was nothing like a pita, and that it was much more moist and tender" and then he said, "they would make 
great Navajo tacos, that they would be great to take camping, and heat up by the campfire, 
add some cheese, or what ever he might have with him". 

My husband likes wrap sandwiches so we added all the ingredients to make a wonderful turkey wrap 
with cream cheese, lettuce, some provolone cheese, deli turkey and little grey poupon mustard, whala!!

So I wanted to try making the flat bread into a pizza, so with some marinara sauce, 
pepperoni and chopped vegetables adding some mozzarella cheese, 
heat in the oven on my baking stone to make a flat bread pizza. I can tell you, it was delicious and will
be doing this again soon. As I found these in a little neighborhood store called Fresh n Easy.

There are also other bread products including traditional pita, roti, pizza!!

After visiting their website I also discovered all sorts of recipes and ways to use the Stonefire Flat Breads as  they come in many varieties including, original, whole wheat and of course garlic. I wondered how they got the big bubbles and read that they use high heat. They are made of buttermilk, 
ghee (which is clarified butter) hand stretched and baked. 
All of their flat breads products are all natural/free of preservatives!!

There very versatile and can make a whole meal.  
Here is a video I found on their website with Rachel Ray making 

Chicken Vindaloo with Naan, FULL RECIPE

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