Thursday, February 23, 2012

How To Embed Pinterest

Pinterest on your blog, Pinterest embedded,
So I am an addict to Pinterest and love sharing boards that I find like this  Pinned Image
then you can look off to the side and see the Words Embeded~ you will copy all the code and please it in the html editor of your blog post.
You can write your comments to go along with your embedded picture, why you shared it. etc. The neat thing about this is if you have a topic you want to talk about you can always find great photographs on Pinterest to share in your blog posts. We all know that pictures tell stories, and the images help to  tell your story, and I can find recipes, clothing, jewelry, childrens photos and any topic you are looking for. Even if you have blog writers block and you find great pcitures on Pinterest, I can always find something to write about, childhood memories, a great recipe, quotes and I even find great tutorials on craft projects I would like to share. So get pinning and sharing, great content for your readers.

You can even share your own pictures you have or find on other websites or blogs to Pinterest on your own boards. Watch for the tutorial how to of upload your favorite pictures to Pinterest.

Written by Karren Haller/Oh! My Heartsie

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