Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing "Tag Tuesday" and "Star Bloggers"

"Star Bloggers "
and "Tag Tuesday"

Introducing "Tag Tuesday" and "Star Bloggers"

I know that we all like to have other bloggers follow our blogs and the other day I was talking to my partner whom I mange her blog and I approached with the idea, that once a week we choose 2 blogs that are new to us, then each day we stop by those 2 blogs and make a comment on a non-event blog post.  

The reason for doing this is to really establish a relationship with the blog owner. 
Though this may seem  like it would take a long time to do, we feel that it is more genuine than just bouncing around. 
I am enjoying this new idea, what are your thoughts help me critique this idea?

I also know that from entering contests, hooking up on linkies, 
Facebook and Twitter, G+ that we can also meet new bloggers as well, 
but we thought that this was on a more personal level. 

These are the  the first 2 blogs I have chosen to follow for this week starting 3/26
1. Sleeping In An Unmade Bed  Vicky tells the funniest stories about her life, you have to stop by and read, laugh your head off!!
 2. Mom Dot Trisha writes about her kids, they have the cutest expressions, and the little girl love to play with webcam!!

Glenda is my partner and I manage her blog for here. She said,
"I want to meet new bloggers and learn as much as I can from them"

And these are the 2 Glenda has chosen for the first week:

So with that said, we have created a name for this and it will be "Star Bloggers", Star Blogger's can pick up the badge to post on their blog so they can share that they have been "featured" on our blogs 

Introducing Tag Tuesday
If you would like to participate 
Please Enter A Blog Post In The Linky, For Us To Visit, 
Promote and Comment On!
I would love for everyone to participate, so after adding your blog link
please follow the hosts and at least 2 other blogs, and remember, 
find a post that is not event related to write your comment.

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