Tuesday, January 22, 2013

(Enter) Valentine Giveaway Maggie Bag and Subu Chocolates Ends 2/28

We Welcome you to the Maggie Bag and Sibu Omega 7 Chocolates Giveaway

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One Lucky Winner Will Win a Maggie Bag Butterfly Bag as Pictured and 
Sibu Omega 7 Chocolates

Starts 1-23 and Ends at 11:59 on 2-28

Should You Decide To Purchase From Maggie Bags Receive:
Discount Code: Heartsie15  This code is for our readers and gives 15% off Maggie Bags 
Premier Line until Feb. 28, 2013. This code is case-sensitive.

I received the Maggie Butterfly Bag in pink and brown and I was amazed to find our how well constructed the bag was. It will work well for traveling, it has many pockets inside to store things like cosmetics and traveling essentials. I think I would like to use it for going to the gym or to yoga to carry essentials I would need, my water bottle, towel, hand-wipes, suit, mats, etc. 

Since the construction is made of automotive seat belt webbling it helps to re-purpose seat belt fabric that would normally end up in landfills and has been doing so since 1991. You see to meet government standards automakers reject millions of yards of this webbling and Maggie Bags uses as much as possible in the manufacture of their bags in their simple cut-in-sew operation.

It is their desire to do their part for the environment by finding creative ways to use these materials, 
instead of ending up in landfills.  Maggies Bags was actually launched in 2009 with just a few handful retailer and little online stores. Today their products are found in many retail stores all over the US and their online store. It is Maggie Bags commitment to use repurposed seatbelt webbing whenever possible and remains steadfast.
The Butterfly Bag comes in two tone colors red, black brown, pink & brown and grey. Measures 15" L  x 2" W  x 12" H has wrap around pockets, inside zipper pockets and lined pockets around the inside. It retails for $104.00 and you can use 

Discount Code: Heartsie15  This code is for your readers and gives 15% off Maggie Bags Premier Line until Feb. 28, 2013. This code iscase-sensitive.  I hope that you have enjoyed this review, I know that I will enjoy the bag for many years to come.

Sibu Omega 7 Truffles


I have been working with Sibu now for a while and was offered to try their Sibu Mega 7 Chocolates Truffles. There are 16 pieces individually wrapped in each box with 2 as a serving. There are two flavors one in Dark Chocolate and the other Milk Chocolate.  The truffles are custom made with a special proprietary Belgian liquor chocolate blended with 240 mg of Omega-7-rich sea buckthorn oil in each truffle.

And eating these tasty little truffles gives you a generous amount of Omega-7 sea buckthorn oil for 

  • Nutritional support for skin and mucous membranes
  • Powerful free-radical scavenger
  • Increases vitality
  • Certified Kosher/100% natural meaning vegan
  • May help prevent weight gain
  • From the website these are the nutritional benefits and ingredients:
That is about ½ of the Omega-7 in each of their Sibu Beauty dietary supplement capsule. Considering, that is a lot for something that taste delicious. There are 2 flavors in each box, one is orange flavored milk chocolates which are my first favorite, with delicious smoothness that simply melts in my mouth and reminds me a little of the orange sticks with so much more flavor and the other is mint dark chocolate, which I dont care for but my son and husband like those better than the orange flavor, but did say they both melted in their mouth. 


    Orange Milk: Milk chocolate (Sugar, cocoa, butter, whole milk powder, belgian chocolate, butteroil, soya lechitin (added as emulsifier), vanilla), coconut oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, orange oil
    Dark Mint: Unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa, butter, soya lechitin (as emulsifier) vanilla, coconut oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, peppermint oil. 

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    by notification or Oh! My Heartsie once winner is confirmed

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    Semi-Cranky Single Mom in Iowa said...

    I would keep it for my self. And, no mint in my chocolate...or coffee. Don't think anything else is a no. I like orange cream filled chocolates.

    Robin Wilson said...

    I would keep the bag and I like chocolate with mint.

    Susan, TN said...

    I would keep the!! I have NEVER had a really nice well made purse before. I would enjoy having this.. I do love mint in my chocolate. Not sure about the orange. Never tried but would try If I WON THESE CHOCOLATES!! HINT HINT!! LOL

    marylou said...

    Thank you so much for a chance at a great prize with some wonderful gifts.Fingers are crossed and i wish all who have enteres all the luck too :)

    bellsam said...

    I would keep this for myself and I prefer chocolate with mint

    hundahar said...

    I would keep it & I like the pink ones best.

    Karren Haller said...

    I think I would too, I ont always afford myself the luxury bags. Thanks for entering Goo Luck!!

    Karren Haller said...

    Me too and the chocolates are delish!! Thanks for entering the event, Wishibg you Good Luck!

    celina k said...

    I would keep it! I like chocolate with mint, but not with orange.

    Anonymous said...

    I would keep the bag. I prefer chocolate with mint over chocolate with orange.

    bugabear said...

    I would keep it, just gave one away as a bday gift to my mother-in-law. Mint and chocolate!

    tarah86 said...

    I would keep the Maggie bag and I like the chocolate mint bag.

    Unknown said...

    Orange and chocolate are really good together but I would feel compelled to share and I think the vote would go to mint. I think the bag is really cute and love the recycling. Undecided if I would keep it. I can think of a few people it would be a really neat gift for.

    Unknown said...

    I would keep the bag... and I like carmel with my chocolate

    jlapage said...

    Give it away; I like mint with my chocolate! :-)

    benz1171 said...

    I would keep it. Neither.

    Anonymous said...

    Chocolate and a cute purse, no better combination.

    Anonymous said...

    That purse is adorable, I would totally keep it. I am always a fan of mint in chocolate. Orange is ok but I would be willing to give it another shot.

    Unknown said...

    I would definitely keep this for myself. I love chocolate - but nothing in it. No mint, no orange. :)

    Unknown said...

    I would keep it! I like chocolate with organge!

    Unknown said...

    Keep it! Chocolate with mint. This would make a great birthday present for me!!

    April Crisafulli said...

    I would def keep the bag :)

    And I love mint!

    April C.

    judi said...

    I love mint chocolate. Orange chocolate is good too. I'm keeping the bag and maybe using it as a diaper bag! :)

    BrunoDogg2 said...

    I would probably give it to my mom! I like chocolate with orange but mist it good too :)

    Sarah said...

    I would absolutely keep it! They are so cute. Chocolate with orange 'cause I'm allergic to peppermint.

    Unknown said...

    I would keep it I love it...I like Chocolate with mint..My Favorite~~

    Unknown said...

    I would keep it for myself. I like chocolate with just about anything! I have even had chocolate with bacon, and chocolate with potato chips!

    Unknown said...

    I'd keep the bag, I'm the bag nut in my family and circle of friends. I'd share the chocolate. I love orange and mint, but orange the most I think. Chocolate seems to go well with most any other flavors.

    Unknown said...

    I would keep the bag for myself and chocolate alone please no orange no mint

    Unknown said...

    I would keep the bag for my self and I love any kind of chocolate!! :)